Orange Hours (With Kevin Hays)


Track Listing

  1. Safta
  2. Limehouse Blues
  3. Your Song


Yotam Silberstein – Guitar
Kevin Hays – Piano

Additional Credits

Beyond the nod to “blue hours” and the New York recording studio, these albums symbolize a hymn to life. The orange color recalls the glow of the sun which goes out at dusk, then the promises of dawn, of a new day and the prospect of a horizon. We asked each artist to formulate three wishes, in reference to Pannonica by Koenigswarter, muse of jazzmen. Their wishes will constitute the liner notes of the double album “The Complete Orange Hours”. Kevin Hays-Yotam Silberstein Nicole Glover-Alexander Claffy Johnny O’Neal-Paul Sikivie David Kikoski-Peter Bernstein Recorded in Brooklyn NYC at Big Orange Sheep Studios -October 2020-

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