En El Jardin (with Carlos “Negro” Aguirre)

Shagrada Medra

“Finally a Duo with Israeli guitarist Yotam Silberstein, who told us that music thinker Carlos Aguille is now in production on the coming day of 2019. Interact with a guitar tone that feels like yotam’s majestic landscape and Carlos piano and percussion to compassion. A new horizon in the music is now expanded to the end of its mellow sounding that surrounds everything large. bar buenos aires Hiroshi Yoshimoto, Yoki Yamamoto / Yoshi Kawano)

Since the 2019 album “La Mushica Del Agua” (Music of Water) has become a culmination of exploration on the La Plata River Argentina, his roots of his work, composer / pianist / SSW Carlos Aguire
From Israel, Yotam Silverstein, is currently based in NY, a guitarist who pursues his style while deeply affecting not only straight jazz but also South American music and Arabic music.
The album started in 2018, where the two of the people had continued to cover Aguille work “Milonga Gris” in 2016 “The Village” in Yotam’s 2016 work, which was finally completed after a lockdown by Corona. The 8 songs that bring your own music halfway at a time, combined with the traditional Aguile’s music and contemporary classics and jazz in a high dimension, and Yotam’s streamlined and varied freeing and floating sound colors are natural and mellow.

This product was released in Japan in a premier production of Japan, is a luxurious package of 3-sided digital packs with 12 pages full color booklet enclosed.


Carlos Aguirre – Piano, Voice, Guitarron, Bass, Percussion, Flutes, Synths
Yotam Silberstein – Guitars, Voice

Additional Credits

Sello Discográfico: Shagrada Medra-Año 2020 Productor Fonográfico: Carlos Aguirre-Yotam Silberstein credits released December 22, 2020 license all rights reserved

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