The Arrival

Fresh Sound New Talent

Track Listing

  1. Perugia
  2. Frythm
  3. Too Close for Comfort
  4. I Hate U Blues
  5. Haper
  6. Haper
  7. Just One of Those Things
  8. Blues for 007
  9. Eitan
  10. Perugia


Yotam Silberstein – guitar
Gilad Abro – bass
Doron Tirosh – drums
Asaf Yuria – tenor saxophone

Additional Credits

The three members of this trio first met during their high school days and soon became best friends and musical brothers. Over the years they have developed a unique communication and repertoire that allows them freedom inside the musical form. They have also reached a sound of their own, both as individuals and especially as one unit, one voice. The three members have been working and recording with Israel’s best jazz musicians. Bass player Gilad Abro has recorded with Amos Hoffman, Avishai Cohen and Jon Regen. Most of the material in the album contains original compositions with four tunes composed by the guitar player Yotam Silberstein and combining the full influence of the jazz tradition as well as classical music and, of course, the music from his country, Israel. This CD also features one original by bass player Gilad Abro, which demonstrates his tendency for funk, free jazz and odd meters. There is also an original composition by drummer Doron Tirosh and a special dedication to pianist and composer Thelonious Monk. The other tracks on the CD, Cole Porter’s classic “Just One Of Those Things”, sees Yotams fresh arrangement skills combined with changing rhythmic patterns and there is also one of the most beautiful standards from the American songbook: “Too Close For Comfort”, featuring Gilad Abro on bass.

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