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Take a moment to tune in to the tasteful playing of Israeli guitarist Yotam Silberstein on his new effort “Next Page.” Employing a wide palette of styles and sounds, this gifted instrumentalist makes a bold statement of purpose with both his stunning musicianship and his collection of original compositions.

Yotam definitely holds his own throughout with some of the heaviest cats on the scene today, and the date also features the collective genius of organist Sam Yahel, drummer Willie Jones III, and tenor saxophone sensation Chris Cheek in supporting roles. While the session is definitely straight ahead and features some hard swinging highlights, the music is also elegantly lyrical and brilliantly evocative of a more modern jazz sensibility at other moments.

Track Listing

  1. Borsht
  2. Foolin’ Myself
  3. Ani Eshtagea
  4. Canção
  5. Blues For 007
  6. Weekend In Mizpe
  7. If Ever I Would Leave You
  8. Jalastra
  9. Ligia
  10. Cheryl


Yotam Silberstein – guitar
Sam Yahel – organ
Willie Jones III – drums
Chris Cheek – tenor saxophone

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